Let’s sign up some Mat Sallehs!

We already have few 'half' Malaysian players in the squad and the now, with the ‘possibility’ of a few naturalised players added, we could probably qualify for the Asian Cup, fight till the final round of the World Cup qualifier, easily bag the SEA Games and AFF Cups. We could move up in the FIFA world ranking and maybe see some of our players compete in the big leagues. All of this in the next few years.

This is great! Save time and cost and get instant results! And this has been ok-ed by the big boss. What are we waiting for? Let’s do it!

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That's 8 years to go
Dear Malaysians, I won’t go back to the pre-Merdeka days but do you remember the time Altantuya Shaariibuu was blown up into a million pieces? Remember the time when RM2.6 billion was donated to a certain someone, remember all the hell went through five years ago when BN won the general elections with tricks that have not been heard of and the possible assistance by Cambridge Analytica? Do you remember dear Malaysians?

Then came the day when we won the election. We beat the mighty powerful with heart and spirit which is another amazing tale of David overcoming Goliath.

There is no short cut to success. Money cannot buy happiness. It is a long hard road to the top.

We surely can’t get any worse from here. Our football is a joke and the only way we can go is up. Why not use this time to build or re-build? Not build for the short term but for the next generation. If you are a young adult, your child will be the ones we need to take care off today. They are the ones that will then create the next generation of champions.

After years of being in the sports industry, I am now with an organisation that is re-building. The first for me, to be honest. Allow me to share with you what that means. It means, that we got to take the positives from the negatives, we got to be patience, we got to be confident, we got to be hard-working and most importantly, we got to persevere.

If we allow ourselves to stop calling each other by racist names or look at migrants as if they are animals than we already have a great pool of people to work with without bringing in more people.

You want the best of big sporting nations but why can’t we use the generations of Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Myanmar nationals or Nigerians we have now? Although some of them have been here for decades. You know why because you think you are better than them.

The Malays still call the Indians by the K word , the Chinese are still called by the B word and the Melayus are referred by the other B word. Collectively all Malaysians still look down at the foreign migrants believing that they are just there to serve you like your servants and maids.

You however, want the best European, African, Australian, American or whoever to represent you because they must be great at what they do. If they are the best, why are they not representing their country? France won the World Cup not because more than half of the squad from Africa they were all French from different heritage. Again, they were all French, body, mind and spirit spoke one language to each other.

I rather we lose and build from today so we create champion minded people rather than win the World Cup overnight and never really tried to make Malaysia a better country. Our character is still not defined as a whole and how many years has it been since we gained independence ? P Ramlee movies shows we were more Malaysian and modern then then we are now.

Imagine if you had a mindset that you cannot give up, strong and motivated. Every Malaysian would eat healthier, be more educated regardless of financial background, wiser thus contributing to a better economy and social development and possibly acknowledged for our contribution to arts on the international platform.

With all of this we would all live in harmony and eager to improve because Malaysians would be naturally stronger mentally and psychically. Then we start moulding champs and then we see results. This takes time but we have time. What we don’t have is a plan with a vision or mission. Until we do, everything is going to be a quick fix. Nothing concrete. You got to trust the process. Believe in it.

But nooooo, let’s sign up a Mat Salleh, give him another passport, free house and car and hope he scores 3 goals in every game he plays.

And if he doesn't lets take it out on the Bangladeshi who makes your roti canai or Gurkha guard who guards your condo.

Let’s sign up some Mat Sallehs! Let’s sign up some Mat Sallehs! Reviewed by Ghaz Ramli on July 31, 2018 Rating: 5
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