The Legend of Chris Harold

 By Ghaz Ramli

AUGUST 2013, Perth International Airport in the wee hours of the morning. There I was just days in working for Perth Glory and we were about to board a flight to Singapore to play Johor Darul Ta’zim in official international pre-season friendly at Larkin Stadium in 3 days time.

Current Melbourne City skipper Scott Jamieson, Brandon O’Neill who plays for Buriram United FC in Thailand, Socceroo and Western United right back Josh Risdon and Chris Harold were the ‘first’ group of players who self-introduced themselves to me. I will never forget their warmth and inviting me to be part of the team.

Although the first three players mentioned have continued to excel in the careers till today, this article is dedicated to Chris Harold, personally I think he is the real MVP.

Despite, eventually becoming one of the most senior Perth Glory player before retiring last year, just days ago he was admitted into the Supreme Court of Western Australia (as a lawyer).

Yes, that’s right. It may have taken him almost a decade but he decided to study law during his professional playing days has completely paid off.

Chris Harold. Pix credit: Perth Glory, AAP, ABC News

Running down the flanks during the weekend and writing assignments during the week is not for everyone obviously but he managed 143 appearances and score 21 goals for Glory while doing both.

The debate about pursuing an education while playing surfaces from time to time but usually if a lucrative playing offer does come by most times the contract is signed as according to scouts apparently these offers don’t come that often or after you get a degree.

Fast forward to today, I’ve just opened my own sports agency and a father of 2 wonderful kids. As much as I would like to see them become professional athletes, with my Malaysian upbringing I want them to become university graduates.

However, the opportunity cost of either choice is something I wish they would not regret for the rest of their lives.

Chris however, has given me, as a parent the opportunity to show my kids a role model where achieving both is not impossible. In fact, they should follow his footsteps. Last night's dinner topic was Chris Harold.

Giving this (example) to parents especially is priceless, Chris – so I say THANK YOU. If there are other parents who feel the same, I represent them too.

On top of studying while juggling a professional career, Chris also remained one of the most humble and modest character in Glory and possibly in the A-League. Not a step or word out of line. In fact, when he did open his mouth was because of his concern of climate change. What a legend!

If you want to see this speedy solicitor still in action, he now plays for ECU Joondalup in the NPL under former Perth Glory boss Kenny Lowe, who is also an engineer by profession. Brilliant!

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