I must say it will be a mammoth task.

Now, you have to be smart, which you are. In fact, you are so smart, I’ll call you sly. The slyest fox I know.

Keenly, I have had a good thought about it though. Trust me, I have.

So, the position comes with an endless list of things to be done. You can’t really put down a number on it but whatever you do put down, triple it. To change, to implement and to eradicate among others will be actions you would will need to manoeuvre between the old warlords. Despite shortcuts in life, there will be people to please, protocols to adhere, staff to manage along with the public as well. None of them will ever bother to understand the work needed to be put in for this. I do.

Please never forget your experience and places you’ve been before. As much as this is going to be another cash cow like the rest this is also going to be a responsibility, a serious matter. So serious, that you can make yourself or completely break yourself, so you better check yourself.

Of course, you know the people, the country is hungry for success. You basically need to change breakfast from nasi lemak to avocado honey yoghurt toast. You need to change the teh tarik to water, you need to stop the nicotine and start the education. You need to create the mindset so our children’s children who will bear children who then possibly be world champions and consistently after that. It’s a change and it takes generations before results are seen. That is what the job specs for the position. Its long term and if you have the short term plan then we all know you going to do an Oceans 11 on us.

Reality did hit me. I realise I sleep well at night knowing that whatever I’ve earned and achieve is based on my own honest effort. I’m blessed to get an opportunity in this life without the help of powerful people in power positions and even without the guidance of my own father, may God bless his soul.

The wish is for you read this and I hope you do. Just please know that I know your capabilities, which is top of the class in our nation. I will admit that. This is probably the best thing that can happen to our game and I thank the Almighty for making it possible, although I was very reluctant at first. God does work in mysterious ways and now he has put you under a microscope.

Son, I will admit, I may not have achieved what you have and if you want to call me a failure, go ahead. I have failed so many times in trying to bring a change to the world not to mention the country but it has never once brought me to decide to give up. Every time, I fail, I learn a valuable lesson and it makes me stronger, wiser and braver. Every time you win, you become sharper and sneakier and those around you have not experience what I have and if you hurt them, I will hurt you.

Bravery is also something you own and life has been extremely kind to you despite keeping an evil side well hidden. I for one trust my intuition that you are not about to change as the saying goes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You can’t look at anything without the dollar signs in your eyes.

Understand I may be away from home but I would have never got to where I am if I was there. You, ‘the family’, power and money would have ensured I don’t come near you or kept at bay. The playground is definitely not big enough for both of us.

To do what you want, what you need to do and what you have to do are three different things. Time is ticking and the task is upon you. The people do not and will not understand how to wait as you build and they will only want to win and I know you too are a big fan of the short game. Again, this is a 24/7/365 long term play.

Obviously, I will be watching and keeping an eye on things but with you having everyone wrapped around your finger, smitten by the class and cash I will be ready for the obstacles and the hurdles I will face. I’ve been knocked down before so I’m not afraid of anything. I’m only afraid you decide to rape our country. Not on my watch.

However, I don’t mind it the fight. I will fight for the good and one day I know you will slip but I hope the game and the people win before you go down. This is your chance to redeem yourself.


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