M-League vs Bundesliga??

I think it is best the mentality of comparing the M-League to the EPL or in this article, Bundesliga, in any aspect, should stop immediately. This is doing no one any good. One, is one of the best league in the world and the other, is not.

Secondly, I would like to suggest the writer to find out the how much does TV help the M-League? I DON'T have the numbers in front of me (and will not bother looking for it as well) but it has to cost more to broadcast the M-League than its returns for the TV stations.

Five-six years ago, Astro was willing to get the ball rolling with proper modern-day M-League TV broadcast with the RM120 million investment (I was in KL then) but obviously FAM got too greedy with the MP Silva deal which was probably a good thing for the cable TV giant who saved millions.

Since then it has been common knowledge to ridicule FAM for its poor performance in all departments especially the TV deal only to raise awareness on the issue of how important broadcast is necessary to grow a professional league. And because of that, Astro could now be in the position to even demand payment (which I hope is the case). Well, at least until a royal/political direction is dropped on them, lol.

The amount clubs get from TV deals is not justified as well. It is designed to assist. State FAs should fold if they are broke and blame themselves first before pointing any fingers. Players wages in the M-Leagues are huge but I don't see any quality behind them. In quality I mean, exports.

How many of our great players is currently plying their trade outside Malaysia? I have said this many times before - on average our players do not bother to find work in other leagues including Bundesliga.

Ok, for those being pedantic, credit to GSR for a training stint with Dortmund but besides some complimentary fluorescent Puma kits for him what else has come out of it ? Then there are clubs who have salaries issue in which we have the very active PFA going out and beyond to improve the professional standard of the local scene.

And who can forget our valiant captain who retired from the national side when we needed him the most. Easy to conclude we are jaguh kampungs although every day I hope otherwise. Just goes to show - A talented boy in Malaysia who plays football, regularly, grow up to play for his State/local club if he first makes it to his school team. When he does get offered a pro contract BOOM! his ambitions, aspirations, motivations ends right there.

His brain's defensive system is engaged at the thought of a foreign offer so he dumbs down to ensure he doesn't disrupt his current salary flow by not improving as a player. If he is good enough to get called up for Malaysia - 0% is how much of heart is put into it because he needs to be more worried about being injured that being a national hero.Note: Development programs are good as add on but not a lifeline.

Well, the billion dollar TV deal is not going to happen. The MP Silva deal failed. FAM's out-going president obviously can’t be bothered to think about it (although decided on it) and will royally (get it?) pass the buck to the next chief. I believe if matches are aired on free-to-air TV (RTM or TV3) then M-League might get the viewers or at least build on it. If on Arena, then those with Astro accounts can watch it - so what’s is their subscription at the moment? And if on cable, after you deduct those who don’t give a damn about the local football scene, how many eyeballs would they get a game?

Will it be worth to have more TV shows to support it like the Bundesliga? The only budget TV companies will spend is on its props/set or pundits for pre-game and half-time analysis. After that is it as good as replaying the match once, twice max. I hope the next president doesn't jump and patch holes for Likes (highly unlikely). Instead, he takes his time to strip down each department, piece by piece and rebuild the entire structure beginning with the joke of an organisation led by a person who has no clue of the game and is a clear puppet.

However, with Malaysians suffer from a severe case of FOMO (the fear of missing out), everyone will jump on the new Mr President (via social media) for results - where is TV live broadcast? Can’t even win the SEA Games gold medal! Can’t even win the AFF Cup, can't win the Merdeka Cup, what else is there? In short, forget TV - like mentioned MP Silva deal failed and Astro is playing hard to get and rightly so. There are more important things to be fixed before the TV deal.

In conclusion, why not focus on the fans that actually get to the stadium? Is it because those who comment on these type of things - don’t bother to get the stadium? If that is really your team - you will head to the game. If you can’t, you fall ill, you have work, prior commitments, that’s fine, watch the replay. If getting to the game is not your first option then we have a problem, don’t we?

So, if a fan has made his/her way to the stadium. Bought a ticket. Found their spot. Supported their team for 90 minutes. Is happy or upset with the results and will do it all over again at the next game. Why not reward this fan? Improve their match-day experience. Set up memberships or season tickets to streamline the process. Teams can offer first-hand information to them on team matters EXCLUSIVELY.

Thank them and greet them again at the next game. Ultras are important but families are important too especially bringing kids to instill their love for the game. What are we doing to make it easy for parents? It may take time but with the right awareness, experience and example the message will get across and what once was a cost will become an INCOME.

Obviously, I am comparing the treatment of fans between the A-League and the M-League to help hundreds of thousands of fans in Malaysia be appreciated because they are your real EYEBALLS not the ones watching the Bundesliga mate.
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