Happy Days in Malaysia

Past 3 days have been hard to swallow.

Besides, Cahill being club-less, Liverpool smashing goals and 5 English teams in the Champions League knockout for the first time we were devastated by the news of Felda United being relegated,  Mario Gomez was not paid his salary and Malaysian coach and his team quits the set up.

Must be a tough week but to make it interesting there is once again a glorified chit-chat session this Saturday with FAM's No 1.

Lets head to Mario's issue first
He won them medals, he knows the power he is up against but he decide to go ahead and fight the tsunami. Many FB post emerged minutes apart with many key and big names rebuking the claims but the fact still remains that the salary was not paid claim is still up all over the internet for Becks, Neville and Jorge Mendes to see. Question is when even the payslips were scanned and posted for the world to see can we know who stuffed this up please?

Who cant forget this legendary piece of work. Pix credit: FAM
Then lets move to the Professors decision to quit
Not about to defend a win-less record coach but no coach can motivate the team when a bigger power offers a 30k bonus to win. However, the one that was hand-picked for the job is also the one that quit. Wonder what advise he would give the next coach in the hot seat. We wonder too. TCH would be the best choice although why he was not chosen in the first place boggles me. Never with a single strand of hair out of place, the discipline as an assistant and a results as head coach should have been a no brainer decision but then again maybe there was a plan to cripple Kedah then.

Lest we forget. Pix by FAM
Response from the Fighters
Was not something you expect by a team called the Fighters. Apparently they did what was told but they will relish the Liga Premier challenge and try to get back in 2019. No pressure indeed as naturally they should win it easily.

Now comes the part where, fans and top tier FAM management go head to head in a chit chat waste of time session. The haters will attend and keep quiet and the questions thrown if reflecting the comments on the internet if could trigger HRH to go super saiyan on everyone once again. This is again not going to actively solve any problem but instead just another waste of time. Meeting club officials, meeting FAM staff I will accept as decent practice. Maybe group the grassroots coaches, or sports teachers in school whom are the first people to introduce the ball to the kids. Do we really think this meet the fans session is going to make a difference? If anything, have it online where the real keyboard warriors will be ready to reply and then let the comments shape the MINDSET. If you have to go tell me how you feel after it is done and please check Malaysia's FIFA ranking if it has moved up.

Meet and Greet is done with the players and coaches who the fans really want to see and hear from about the current game simply because they are only the PLAYERS and COACHES!

Changing the MINDSET is not forcing it down but by action. It is easier to plant a thought to the young kids in schools about what you want football to be instead of changing a grown adult's thinking.

Happy days indeed in Malaysia

Remember this one? Pix credit: SBTV 

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