Again fans welfare down the drain

GZ would like to point out at the much anticipated, excitement of the Malaysian Super League and Premier League is here with matches’ played in Round 1 over the weekend.

After the annual jersey announcement week, the fans were fired up, all ready and good to go.

The president’s club, JDT, took the Sumbangsih while Selangor took the Klang Valley derby title. Days earlier ilfix announced their deal and hours later Unifi made their pledge to help the game.

Totalling hundreds of millions along with other deals and sponsorship, FA of Malaysia proudly posted on their Facebook that this season deals is the biggest in Malaysian football history.

Well done. Bravo!

Although, we had to wait until the last minute for announcements and we only have half a season fixtures to look at, we should be happy.

Because it won’t get any better than this.

As much as, we want to look positive at this, once again nothing is focussed on the fans. Besides access to more online football we are encourage to attend the games to support the clubs.

The hundreds of millions does look good for the league, the clubs, the FA but what does it do to the fans? NOTHING

In fact, teams are still wanting fans to come because ticketing money is a huge income for the club.

So much that you get a box of KFC for wasting your night at the stadium in hope of a RM10 or so ticket. In the year where the World Cup could be decided by Video Assistant Referee, we would rather reward someone waiting in cold night for a ticket instead of setting up a system where he or she can do it at his or her comfort.

Buying the ticket itself it’s a big task then comes the task to actually making it to game day. Then they need to do it over and over again and when they can’t cope teams are unhappy especially if they themselves are doing not so well on the table.

A club seems to be only keen about the money that we are going to get from these big deals. This may go to salary and then ticket sales maybe be a bonus. But if like KL, who plays 3 games in the span of 7 days and burn out early in the season and can’t cope the season,  Bunkface will be singing Malam Ini Bukan Kita Punya.

Forget iflix, forget Unifi. Forget RTM (one game) and Media Prima (one game).  Forget sponsors and forget state funds. Now think of the objectives of a team. What are the objectives of the football teams?

Besides, Batu Kawan, all the match pictures for Matchday 1 showed a decent crowd. However, who are they? What ages are they? How much do they make? Can they sustain attending all the matches in the rising cost of living in Malaysia?

Being the king of last minute, would FMLLP only think about fans welfare before doomsday?

Look, if the club, the league, the FA don’t know you how are they going to treat you professionally? They won’t. They just take it for granted the fact that Malaysian football fans will support the league no matter what or how they are treated.

Wait till a final or a Malaysian national side team game when we have a venue and ticket issue.

Again fans welfare down the drain Again fans welfare down the drain Reviewed by Ghaz Ramli on February 06, 2018 Rating: 5
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