"Bekas pemain NPFD ditangkap polis jual dadah”

Every one of us went home and although upset had a good night's sleep especially those who had a successful malam Jumaat.

Confident the players and coaching staff didn’t. Especially those who liked their coach or was LTK’s blue eyed boys. Also, the coaching and support staff who needs their CEO for career well-being. This team is headless now in one of the fastest beheading I've seen.

Imagine a boy's World Cup dream shattered because things will never be the same. Whoever the new coach that comes in will never be the same risking their spot, motivation, determination and even passion. They will feel bad and spirits will be down today. Maybe the recovery session today will not be done properly either. That is the beginning of the end.

Fuck all those comments about taking care of this bunch. You took the mother away from it’s kids and now it will take some time to nurture them back mentally and emotionally. They are young humans which was developed for higher level thinking, didn’t you think about the repercussions? Nope, you did not.

Key people involved in set up. Pix from Google /Star Malaysia

During my schooling days I remember a bunch of elite ‘state’ players joining our class. They come to class after training and left early for training. But during class they did fuck all. Some eventually were gangsters and because they were fit, nobody messed with them.
Here now comes another 20k youths that are strong, smart who could easily fall prey to vice activities because for the past 4 years that is what they have only been doing and ingrained in their minds they will be footballing stars, playing the World Cup, Europe whatever.

For the next 4 years no one is going to love them the same, trust me  (hope to be proven wrong). All the hate on LTK, CEO, KJ etc will be showed to the innocent kids. If their Mental Tak Kuat, do you know how traumatic this could be? No you don’t. Just takes one boy to be coaxed to do drugs, rape etc. Then articles will be written, ‘Bekas pemain NYPD ditangkap polis jual dadah” could be how sub-editors headlines them.

The emotionally driven decision to cut LTK was childish. Yes, they failed, and a review is needed, and a sacking may be a decision but did Side Saakdik and Fam think Malaysia was going to win. Of course, we were all hoping it but was there no plans if they didn’t ??? Certainly, seemed like it cause it only took them minutes to sack him.

But of course, the state sides and clubs do what all Malaysians are great at - buat dunno.- as they couldn’t be bothered to developed talents because they have their own damn problems mainly financial issues. No one said development is a sexy job, who wants to deal with kids and eager parents. Out of thousands and thousands of kids maybe one star is born. It’s a numbers game. So to make it look cool NSFW had the power and means to make it big. Base in Europe la, academy in Gampang la, big salaries la, play with big club academies la. If RM80 million was pumped into state FAs maybe RM8 mil will be used and the ‘rest’ you know la.

As for the CEO resigning, I think that was cowardly of him. So poor it makes Arul Kanda look good. You faced all the obstacles that came at you but you give up when it really mattered. Now, you are no one and although the truth may hurt it is true. All the well wishes wanting you at helm or the programme to stay at it is means as much as online petitions – NOTHING.

As for LTK's salary revelation only shows how amateur SS really is. If a women's dignity is sacred to them, a man's salary is sacred to him. There is a more professional way of doing it: an audit, but you wouldn't know about it, you only started working  and you only got the post because you stood by them through thick and thin, dear Mr Politician.

I think the real shock yesterday was 8k people attended based on a Twitter post I saw (if its true). That’s on Thursday afternoon. I think that just shows potential. But was there a data grab ? No. This swell in crowd will never happen again unless we play Indonesia and they get a bigger attendance etc . Also I’m sure its ‘hell with coverage’ from the local outlets on the tournament as Malaysia is out. This takpa attitude with ticketing and crowd is my biggest pet peeve. Just get so angry! Haha

In a totally unrelated topic, the Malaysia Cup reaching the end, I would like to advise all FML  staff except its CEO to get a well-deserved holiday. I’m sure you are burnt to the ground as the Malaysian league are just overwhelming and life sucking and before you know it, it’s about to start again. 
You need to be rejuvenated.

To the CEO, you don’t need to be an Arul Kanda. Whenever you are ready sir, anytime, please..

As for the FA I'll give more time for president and sec-gen to find their footing but honestly it just looks like one can’t wait to stab the other in the back. Just so obvious One has a beard to look older and one clean shaven to look younger.

I will end my rant with a quote from the Shebs on NSFW when it was launched.

“It is high time we formalised a systematic training programme using sports science and identifying the footballing philosophy, just like how the Dutch came up with the ‘total football’ concept and the Spanish with the tiki-taka.”
Taken from 2014 Star article  .

Shebs. Pix Google
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was being called the Global Advisor of Blackburn Rovers. 

*Apologies for the profanity if you are a lady, junior or elderly. Need to stress my emotion. Thank you
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