Selamat Hari Raya

Another Hari Raya in the cold winter away from visiting papa, friends n family, smashing lemang and rendang, overplayed lagu raya at shopping centres and all the little things that make it so great. You guys please have a great one though, safe travels home please.

Talking about heading home, I just read the news that Ahmad Shahrul Azhar is back and this time as Perak's boss. Probably the best man for the job. He will need time though. Wishing him all the best. Remember those times, the late En. Ramli and I never missed a game as we walked to the stadium and times when it was cooler to go with mates instead of him. Regret the latter, especially as we are about to welcome Raya, something he used to enjoy celebrating.

And as everyone is about to celebrate, Eid this year will surely be extra sweeter for Afghanistan, (Taliban or not) as they join India, South Africa, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe as cricket test nations. Ireland made the cut too. Twelve nations now.

Speaking about the Irish, CBH would be having a pint of guinness right about now. Many moons ago, I use to write about hockey in Malaysia. I think they've come a long way to make it back to the World Cup next year. Well done lads, seriously. And by well done, I mean from office bearers to the players and everyone in between. Hope I'm still alive when I wish FAM well done for getting the national side to the FIFA World Cup
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