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Just read the news and as I predicted, Aastro is going to kena PAU

After a DISGRACEFUL FAILED deal between F(U)-EM-EL-EL-PI and Maker (of) Promises SaLIVA, they are about to hunt down the most convenient target for $$$$.

Why? because Rangkaian TV Malaya is part of the regime which needs the funds for other more important use coming up in the very near future. Same story for PrimeMedia.

Yes, in short Aastro will need to kowtau and probably will have to make the most of the deal which may be 'bestowed' upon them but is it really worth the while ?? Maybe it is, maybe its a good thing :) Good for everyone then! Happy Ending

But to keep this rant alive I will continue on this topic 😀

First Aastro have to fill the void, a number of TV Haram live social media feeds (with amazing commentary I may add) whom have stepped up their game to reach local football fans. The TV deal will either prompt these legends to continue streaming illegal content or close shop (you pick).

Naturally, why cant we plug in AR-TI-EM to assist, as a national duty to get the game (both league and national team matches) to the rakyat for FREE and in the process:
No 1 - Please the rakyat which may equal in WINNING VOTES
No 2 - Help grow the game's reach to more Malaysians and the other way round for commercial benefits (I see the wheels of professionalisation of clubs are in motion but we are TV-less right now - so I'm saving that for another rant)

But of course you are not going to make a sen with this brilliant idea of mine and in fact cost Daddy or Ayah as he prefers, to fork out the tax-payers ringgits as it would come under his tab. Unless, of course, if you squeeze the cable boys of around RM119-121 million (last known price).

Again, a fast fix but is it long term solution ? If it does hit off, because this great idea then at least one can raise the value of the league in the future when you approach Aastro but now come to the table in proper terms, an organised product and bargaining power. Lets not forget this is all because of the DISGRACEFUL FAILED deal between F(U)-EM-EL-EL-PI and Maker (of) Promises SaLIVA.

With such a sensitive time ahead of us, becoming world champions in different sporting disciplines are the only thing one can notice that unites the rakyat. Im talking from Malyasia Kini right to TI-VI-TI-GA and everyone in between. Imagine if DSLCW did win Olympic gold ?

But I wont go so far saying if the national team winning the WorldCup or qualifying for it but even if we get those selected to represent the country just attend training should be a good reason to celebrate. My point here is that none of this media establishments spins the stories because it is finally news to the people that may effect their daily well-being or give at least give a damn to like to comment a post.

So with this motion, FREE-TO-AIR is the way to go! (Even without Despacito!) - Tried to spit out rhyme there ahah I hope you see where I'm going with this

Like I said before, HIS advisers are more important to us. They have been in the game longer, so they should know what works and what doesn't unless they have working in the dark which seems to be the case.

Part 2 - Scheduling
When were we informed of the great honour of hosting the SEAGames this year? Definitely not last month and did no one at F(U)-EM-EL-EL-PI watch the closing ceremony at the last biennial games.

Well, I didn't but I generally grasp the knowledge then next host city is announced then (if you cant be bothered googling it). So what the point of working on next year's schedule when MALAYSIA IS NOT HOSTING THE SEAGAMES NEXT YEAR ?!?!? Just Save As 2016 file to 2018 and Delete 2017 file even from the Recycle Bin.

This should have been a FORESIGHT a long long time ago and not addressed during the month. Absolute shambles! This is because the guy in charge knows nothing about running a league. What a bloody joke. I still don't understand what he is doing there. I've once read he blamed the monsoon months in the East Coast - ahahahaa HAHHAHAHA ahahaha HAHahaHAH even if its true ahahahaHhaha.

Part 3 - DS
LOL - DS, if you studied his body language at the press conference, he was on beat as I've always seen him and articulated his words to perfection and even apologised in the process bloody well knowing the world of hurt that would come with it.

I'm not saying he is right and not about to defend him. Yes, you have to respect the law but for a man who has been in the game for such a long time as both a player and a coach and winning as both as well, wouldn't what he did or say send out a warning signal to the custodians of the game??

Besides being furious of course, WHY would he actually say it? 9 months will pass before you know it but in that time will anyone have the same balls to say something like that again? and if they do will there be a task force to check out the claims?

Maybe, just maybe he can see it. Most of us think we might have the eye for the game (at least feel like we do) but there is only one DS, tuan2 dan puan2 sekalian. He will go down for it but are they going to check the other side of the coin or just let it be ?

What is the committee going to do about it? Are they going to review the match or is the case close now ? Let me tell you the world can LEGALLY put a wager on MLeague matches even if locals themselves are unable to. Don't take the game at face value. It has happen before both recently and back in the day and can definitely happen again if not already or as you read this.

Only those with the special eyes or experience can see this type of things or even manipulate it. I hope I don't ever see it. So someone needs to constantly work on it 24/7 (which is 24 hours 7 days a week and not just today lol, I had to)

Part 4 - The boys
Such a huge sigh of relief to read the Under23 lads made it through to the final round of the AFCU23 Championship next year. This is something to build on but you know what will happen in a year?? Cash will be splashed on this boys and when the time comes they will not be as hungry as they should and the younger lads are too far behind to handle it. All that can happen from now till Group match game 1 in China if this gets into their heads. Yes it can. Diamonds are formed under immense pressure and not overnight.

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