A for Effort

The ticketing matter in Malaysian football cannot be solved overnight.

This is 2017 - the era where you have access to the world in your palm but not football ticket
Or in this instance, before this one final game.

Yes, it has to be stated, on the record, about the "great effort" put in place by FMLLP regarding the ticket sale for the upcoming Malaysia Cup final on Nov 4.

But what is the use of a heart surgeon who is terrified of blood, a comedian which is not funny or someone trying to do something he or she has NEVER done before.

The ticketing culture has to be cultivated over time, over seasons, over years. Not just after the KL SEA Games debacle, one jumps and believes they know it all.

I cringed when I came across the online ticketing system plus the allocation for those who have purchased the quarters and semis.

Then comes the ticketing agent, who I must add is not a miracle worker. They have a system which only work that way with some possibility of manipulation. They don't change for you, you do what they can do.

So when the people in charge sat down with them, we can only hope the discussion went two ways.

But it is too late now and one side has taken the opportunity as an advantage to initiate mind games, possibly winning the match even before kick-off.

The monarch is the only stronger power than politics but the rakyat in this case, the fans, have become victims when the two have a go at each other. Collateral damage if you must.

But there is no one to be blamed here because no one knows what needs to be done or did any work when they were suppose to. Although this is problem passed down for decades it is no excuse to not improve.

Logic will tell you that when something is not broken there is nothing to fix. However, if one must change it why not do it at a better time, a less busy period and not during one of the most important date on the calendar.

Come to think of it, knowing the fact FREE TICKET in Malaysia could make it on a dress as much as Nasi Lemak can, then this can either be plain ignorance or an absolute stroke of genius.

And to make matters a little bit more dramatic, they hide behind the great checklist called Club Licensing where not a single alphabet on ticketing system is mentioned but colour code on tickets must match signage gets more real estate on the list.

Yet they threaten rich clubs of relegation should they not comply to it's criteria despite ZERO localisation thought put into it after it was passed down by the governing Asian body who received from the world body in which the current version is not much different to the one driven by the infamous Sept Blatter since 10 years ago.

I know you want to improve so get help from fearless surgeons and funny comedians and not do something because YOU think you know how to do it without any prior training or experience.

Is this about you or is this about the game ? The game is for the people so do it for the people and you will prosper too.

This is also not about me. This is just common sense
A for Effort A for Effort Reviewed by Ghaz Ramli on November 03, 2017 Rating: 5
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