Malaysian Football - 10 Most Important Happenings of the Year

by Ghaz Ramli

Malaysian football - the two words that I love to read separately but not as much when it mentioned in a phrase.

Although the national team take on North Korea in Buriraim in 9 days’ time, the season curtain comes down after the Malaysia Cup final this Saturday.
Looking back, this has been one of the most exciting season for me, especially looking from afar.
Here are my countdown to the 10 most important happenings of the year

Number 10 - Nelo Vingada

This George Das looking coach could have either two things going in his mind
a - What have I got myself into
b - I should have been a politician
Regardless of what he is thinking, I’m sure it will be no surprise it we lose the next match to extend his winless record.

Number 9 - Still no TV deal

It is not a bad thing though. The Selangor Champions League, played at the Panasonic Stadium in Shah Alam under lights darker than moonlight, with a single camcorder panning from left to right with a few zooms accompanied with decent commentary is the result of it. I’m sure, TV channels are being arm twist to roll out games next season onwards which will come in the form of a heroic Facebook post. Till then let it be clear that the LED screens at stadiums are not for millions of TV viewers but only a tick on a checklist

Number 8 - N.Thanabalan

Besides Kak Dibah opening a can of worms, the KL SEA Games gave us an unfortunate young lad from Rantau, Negri Sembilan who plays football to look after his beautiful supportive family. He saved the country on a few occasions when successfully found the net sometime late in the game all while spotting a stylish hairstyle and hipster beard. For a moment there, everyone did not put their differences aside.

Number 7 - Return of Copot

I change my mind on this guy. I must admit I was rather emotional, young and dumb when I got furious he left the national squad but now, thinking back, how foolish was I ? This guy, a gem made in Selangor, at one point decided to reject an offer to play in Indonesia, did not have enough time to impress Cardiff City and married a world class bowler only to be offer a deal of his lifetime at JDT winning 4 consecutive league titles and an AFC Cup in the process. Now, he waltz in the national set up bigger stronger than ever as once of the most decorated domestic player probably financially stable as well and not to mention well “protected”. Just too bad international level matches could do with some international experience but oh well, he has everything he needs for a Datukship. Damn to breaking barriers and pushing limits. Not all heroes wear capes, some are just around the corner, safe and sound, despite blessed with wings to fly.

Number 6 - New President

This has to be a step forward after the last president's regime held the position for more than 30 years. This means a new era is upon us. Fit candidates were not actually something that has been dropping from the sky but it has to be said that there is no one in a better position and keen interest in the game than the current president. Being a young clubman himself there is no way he will be able to make the transition overnight as his love for his team is obviously still strong. But who else has and can get clearance to fly into Pyongyang? Maybe after a win over the weekend he can close a chapter and move on to national matters. Maybe not.

Number 5 - Ultras boycott

Ultras. I see them as an evolution from Dikir Barat. We love to sing but we love to sing even more when we are coordinated and have a cool looking leader with a facemask but no shirt on while a huge guy name Bob bangs on the bass drum. The military precision coordination so impressive that there often more than one Ultra groups sometime in a team. Nevertheless, the boycott of the mothership group or Ultras Malaya for the final of the KL SEA Games was felt although some were just outside the stadium chanting away. But my point is that they have now become a power or stakeholder in the game. Understand this wasn't an issue for FAM as they we not the organisers but Ultras have definitely earn their respect to be acknowledge as an on official set up within the game.

Number 4 - Shah Alam Antlers

This is not a paid advertisement. There is a small club set up in Shah Alam. The founders, co-founders, fore fathers, staff, volunteers and everyone involved create this illusion that they run on $$$ with coordinated professionalism. However, if you look carefully, they are only fuelled by one thing - PASSION. This seems to be the ingredient that is lacking in the professional set up as only $$$ seem to be the motivation. It may take Shah Alam Antlers sometime to rise to the top, funding of course, professional staff, no in fighting when success rolls in, clear leadership and focus on the objectives. With them rising there seem to be hope in our future. #AllUniteForTheCity

Number 3 - JDT Facebook page

Once again there has never been a more exciting Facebook page than JDT's. It not only creates national issues, it shapes minds and also encourages conversations. However, what is interesting is analysing the engagements from the club's own supporters who are sometimes dumbfounded with provoking yet subtle post. Yet, they have to soldier on their support to their team. One thing that is obvious now is the likes on comments which is a cunning way to show support of a statement without popping up on your friend feed. A small number of brave non JDT fans may once in a while take a swipe but it’s the support they garner shows the haters are still around

Number 2 - FMLLP

The scheduling tragedy for this season has to take cake. Breaks after breaks with all teams having to get players to stake back for almost a month costing salary just to play one game in which only 4 teams were actually playing for survival or relegation. Let’s not forget the change due to the KL SEA Games. What puzzles me is the man at helm. I truly believe that this guy has completely no idea of what is required of him. Yes, I can do a better job but more importantly I know we have experience personnel within the system who can also do the job but was denied because of cronyism and nepotism.

Number 1 - Ghaz Ramli

I would like to make it clear that I am an independent party and do not belong to any group, association or organisation. I will do what I can to help improve the game although no one thinks it is going to work or that I am wasting my time. This season, this year, I decided that it is time that I bark and bark as much as I can for the betterment of the game. If an organisation, a person, a team, a player or anyone would like to join my cause you are most welcome to introduce yourself. Football could unite the nation so why are we still letting ourselves get raped by people who don’t care about the bigger picture. I am not a Datuk or Tan Sri son, I’m not cash rich neither am I a royalty. I am a Malaysian but I have been blessed with an opportunity to ply my trade outside of Malaysia in which I can try to make my country proud by being the best I can be.
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