If Australia does not qualify for the FIFA World Cup on Wednesday, who do you expect to apologise ? Will it be star legend Tim Cahill? Or outgoing coach Ange Postecoglou? Or would it be the CEO of the FFA? Wait or would it be Steve Lowry, chairman of the FFA ?

If you answered Lowry, fine, then I believe the blame may go to his father Frank for 'years of killing the game' as son Lowry has hardly had enough hands on the reins to be held responsible. Nonetheless, this is my opinion and football is a game of opinions.

But if you answered the coach or the best player, then why is the president of the Football Association of Malaysia apologising for the 4-1 defeat over North Korea last Friday??

How is it his fault ? Is a president's duties, include direct meddling of a squad or does a president govern the overall structure and future of the game ? If FAM's president insist he has to be held responsible then there is only one reason, to logically look at it, EVERYONE else is a sleeping!

FAM President HRH Tunku Ismail Idris Abdul Majid Abu Bakar Iskandar ibni Sultan Ibrahim Ismail
Tunku Mahkota Johor. File pix:
Get rid of the coach, get the president a shirt and wrap the captain's armband and play for the country. Why for 95% of the time, we are only hearing from one man ? As a ruler he not only has other agendas on his list, but what are all this other great men in great committees there for?

If you are in a position within the organisation and if you are doing your job, very rarely should a federation president comment on matters besides structural but especially not on day to day matters. Here we have team managers, coaches and players all hiding behind a young passionate man, who has to take all the bullets sprayed at him. If the other way round, when the team does do well, credit should go to players and coaches and then president.

If the president wants to be hands on then someone has got to do his job. Someone has to think about the bigger picture. Grinding in the hours, working, directing and perfecting the future of the game by making sure the little things are done right and in the best interest of the game's growth.

Back to my disbelief,.. where are these committees and experts when HRH announced that Malaysia is looking at a 4th Division ?? Here we have the FMLLP not knowing how to look at a calendar and sell tickets but we are about to have a fourth tier ?? Was there anyone who objected this ? Did this idea go through a feasibility study ? Did the 5th import go through a feasibility study? Does anything go through a feasibility study ? Yes or course it will develop players but where and how are funding suppose to come from? What about continuity ? Coaches, support from schools and the community. Will it pay bills if someone invest their life into it? Are the corporate sector willing to come in? Amateur teams are already struggling to cope as they run on passion 99% of the time.

It is probably a wise decision to put on a condom before sleeping with your wife when you are struggling to feed 3 kids.  For the sake of common sense, why can't we have an amazingly organised, promoted, TELEVISED top leagues and competitions first. Why can't we have a ranking inside 100 in the world, why can't we have our best hard working players overseas in big leagues, making us proud, 7 months again we were RM40 million in the red, why not get that up first, why can't we have a structured database of fans in Malaysia, why can't we have respect from the world first before we bring this other child in ? The 3 hungry kids need more attention now before they can share with their new born baby brother or sister.

Why? Because boss said so. That's it, end of story. No questioned asked.

I would have figured the CEO of FMLLP would have stopped Mr President with an not so in depth study of why we should not even bring up the topic of a fourth tier. Not showing the list of why it will not work but by presenting a list of what they need to urgently fix now!

If he is going to be the face and voice than it is as simple as advising him what is the best decision for the country. It is a simple as knowing what is what and giving your opinion when it matters. If your opinion is to go along with this time wasting, selfish plan to other existing clubs then we are only adding more headaches and heartaches and of course more interestingly witty comments on social media, when it does fall.

Of course it could work as well but at what expense? What are we doing so right that we can shift our focus to another league at this moment? What is then the Youth League and President Cup objectives?

Yes, this may be my opinion on the matter but let it be on the record that the president is the only one doing any work now. No one else has half the courage to initiate something let it be the right thing or not. If you are only following instructions ANYONE can do you job. You are not contributing to Malaysians then you should not received funding from Malaysians.

Have a little self respect and ask yourself if you are actually making a change or you are just in for the glamour of the job.

Also, whether a few Kedah players was paid off or not, what difference is it going to make ? There wont be a replay. FMLLP had never done enough to nip this damning habit anyways. Besides it is offside and the offices may be on a shutdown till 3 months into next season.

All top tier clubs are forced to follow the Club Licensing checklist but who is checking 'your' checklist ?

Improve your operation. Cut your cost. Work more efficiently. Promote the league. Increase the attendance. Assist the clubs. Do it again and again and again for years and decades.. Next CEO continues the legacy but the league can run on auto pilot. As boring it may seem it is at least a list of everything you are not doing at the moment.

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