By Ghaz Ramli
I'm actually coming around him, yes that pund$k Safiq Rahim.

Why? Because he had his work cut out for him but he did it! He actually did it!

Hate him because he left the national squad. Hate him because of hiding behind JDT. Hate him for whatever reasons and comment on it all you want. I'm guilty myself but until I saw his body language after calling his haters PUND$K! Then I knew, this is a villain the world needs to balance life.

Mentally he has to be effected when he sees everyone taking a swipe at him (if he is on social media) or when his family or friends are online. They are all so proud of him for earning well and making something of himself but will have to see the mean things written or said about it. After a while it can be depressing. Like when no one likes your post <place sad emoji here>.

Along with the leadership role comes along the life under the microscope. I get that. I also get the leadership game is a lonely one, so he must have been suffering alone.

Now, the Malaysia Cup is this one trophy he has been hunting down and in the way the 2017 final was played up with ticketing drama taking centre stage, Safiq was fighting his own battle that night. He definitely had to have programmed his brain to guide his body to chase down the win because he knows success will not just waltz in without any effort and that’s a bloody fact.

But it did!

How many of us have set a target and achieved it? Now, how many of you have set a target but has been unable to achieve it but keeping picking yourself and try again and again and again. I personally have been turned down many times over years and now more than a decade. I have been laughed at, turned away, depressed, cheated and broke among others and I have still am nowhere near where I want to be with my football ambition but I'm not going to quit trying. That is what life is about. Life stops when we stop trying.

And when that moment comes all the sleepless nights, the missed meals in Copot's case the extra push at training and preparation, another drill, another 10 minutes at the treadmill was worth it all.

Pain is temporary, success if forever they say.

Now when you have reached the peak despite your critics and naysayers saying you never will, how does that make you feel?

Yes pund$k, to all you haters, Safiq champion sial! 

He was loud and proud and when you see his shoulders sway ala Connor McGregor after professing his feelings, you know this man had his world under his feet. Yes better words could have been chosen but that is how he felt at the time

And to add icing on the cake, that must have felt so sweet to say when you are also the one with the captain's armband.

What would you have said ?

"Saya nak ucapkan terima kasih kepada fans-fans saya. Kepada keluarga saya di kampung, isteri saya dan rakan-rakan saya. Bola itu bulat. Menang kalah adat permainan. Rezeki JDT malam ini tetapi Kedah telah buat yang terbaik. Syukur jurulatih tidak akan direhatkan" = BORING

Fine him, ok yes, big one of course, but this sopan santun cakap beradab is encouraged but let there be a bit of a character when it comes being under the pump. It is ok to let some steam off once in while. We are only human. None are exciting during interviews and you expect them to be boring after winning as well. Side story: Anyone saw Patrice Evra went Bruce Lee over a fan before kick off? 

Come on, live a little. Its ok to be a bit out of line, especially after winning the final it’s no big deal but it’s not ok at schools, work place, place of worship, pretty much everywhere else. All factors has to be considered.

What is a big deal is we are 170th in the FIFA ranking, FMLLP does not know what they are doing, fans are still being treated like foreign workers, need them but don't care about they well-being and welfare and did I say FMLLP does not know what they are doing?

Video credit: ZE REBELLE 

$ = E

Note: If you are a student and under parental guidance, please DO NOT misinterpret this article. Swearing and profanity is NOT acceptable in a civilised society. However, in this case Safiq, may have lost himself in the moment. The lesson learnt from this is to be ready for the moment to arrive but be prepared and disciplined to ensure you still have enough control over yourself to ensure you don't disappoint those who are looking up to you. However, if the moment gets the better of you like in this case, then it is not end of the world if your intentions are pure and truthful. True champions may master the art of control but they are all humans like you and me after all and mistakes can happen, it is only natural.
PUND$K COPOT! PUND$K COPOT! Reviewed by Ghaz Ramli on November 08, 2017 Rating: 5
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