We are going to the World Cup!

Don't laugh but I couldn't get a good night's sleep last night.

1.75mil a month for the next 60 months to have the rights of the sponsorship rights of the league by a consortium led by big wigs but no similar sporting experience and we are all suppose to chant Merdeka three times!

I'm sorry but I disagree this was the best option to take and it ruined my sleep.

In fact, thinking about it now, after the outburst the other day, I can't help thinking it was a emotional decision that has be made due to self pressure and not the bigger picture.

If media agencies wanted to get into the football game why now? Why now? Something doesn't smell right but I'm not saying it is a dodgy deal. All due respect and as a media man myself, I understand their achievements. But, why can't we just hire a few experts for the job instead of trying to wave a magic wand all the time? But that's the Malaysian way. I hire you, you hire someone else and the buck is passed down, no one gets the work done and everyone can pass the excuse to the other guy for not performing but the guy who was suppose to do the job in the first place turns out to be the hero.

Also no hard feelings to my media mates in the Southern state but for this kind of annoucement please step up your questions. You are on the forefront of a battle and can be considered as a warrior. You need to get it right brothers and sisters.

Like many others who expressed their opinions, I may be looked at as a sulk but I have only disagreed and not given up. The little I can I offer in the grand scheme of things, I will, which means I will still do my part despite having my own take on things. I do agree the mentality has to change too but I don't see that happening upstairs who needs to first set an example. This announcement is a MP Silva saga part two in which it just has to do a little more work and it can be a 100% improvement when both deals are compared. Of course than you will be looked as a champion. To be honest, I expected a shake up in office not bringing in more help.

And if you are going to make a hundred million annoucement you may have wanted to be 'Google' ready for heaven's sake. This is 2017 mate. The people have their world in their fingertips.

As for the licensing matter, how will Burn and Chan Wing Hoong going to prepare this season ? Do they plan their squad around playing Super League sides or Premier League sides? Do they spend on players or grow another fine crop of players ? Do the management spend to grab ticket sales this season if they are in the Super League or let is slide another year in the Premier League ? Stadium, how is Perak Stadium going to be managed by both sides? You are already not doing this club any favour.

Yes he said he is happy to be in Super League, and who isn't and to be fair he was only a point behind when they finished third but what if Felda comes through and they are back in the Premier League ? Don't play mind games with teams please. There are rules and if a team is out so be it. Maybe play the Super League as it is, top 3 Premier League teams move up next season and done.

Happy or not, we don't know Pix by Asiana.my
And to my knowledge the guys working on the fixtures are about to find their underwear in a twist trying to figure out the scheduling if PKNP is in the Super League. May put in a month's break after first half of the season so they can figure out the second half.

Like mentioned earlier, ZERO thinking because thinking are only from the inner circle and there are no more tricks in the bag. In fact, it looked like there was not many to start with either. This all because Johor needed to get in seasons ago to campaign in the regional competition. And yes they won it and yes it got us points but you know how the culture in Malaysia is should have thought about the future then not patch problems now.

Ok, we need it (the licensing) AFC bla bla bla, FIFA bla bla bla but we did not massage it in the culture. Three years notice without active involvement and encouragement if not going to make any change. They would have went 'Do later later la - 3 years left, Do later later la 3 months left, Do later later la 3 weeks left, Do later later la 3 days left, Do later later la 3 hours left'. With 3 minutes left then they go OK lets have a look at it. Knowing this is the culture what was your proactive steps?

And just like that we are  promoting and relegating teams. So what's the use of the bloody competition then ? Don't be the bully be the cool teacher all students will spend some money for an actual present like an original Malaysia jersey on Hari Guru.

Blaming the old president is always a good excuse but he checked out long time ago. The people in the main committee are still around though.

So yesterday you have passed the buck to an outsider to get you sponsors, tomorrow you are going to get a TV deal, JDT will win the ACL, the boys and their younger brothers are going to be Asian champions now to sit back and get recognised for the great work you have done. Bravo, well done! We are going to the World Cup!
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