Aussies could be out of the World Cup

  • In the FIFA World Cup 2018 ✔
  • 2023 Women World Cup bid ✔
  • A-League popularity (50-50 but I'l give it a) ✔
  • Best women player in the world at the moment ✔
  • Socceroos players in big leagues ✔
  • A growing women's semi pro league ✔

But the Football Federation Australia (FFA) is about to be intervened and taken over by FIFA because the FFA could not get their 'shit' (for a better word) together.

To keep the explanation simple for those who was not aware of what is going on here are some pointers:

  • Basically, the A-league is under the FFA.
  • A-League owners have been wanting a representative (just 1 rep) in the FFA board since a couple of years but have been turned down. by the FFA.
  • Today Nov 30, 2017, is the final day the FFA need to propose a new structure to all the stake holders and the club and member federations declined it via the Australia Professional Football Club Association (APFCA).
  • Speculation has gone up to Australia being dropped from the Russia despite qualifying if they go under FIFA's administration in which if the FFA is found having using the federal government assistance in any way. 
Snippet of APFCA's priorities 

Well it is interesting to see what happens as the FFA, who without the rep from APFCA, have accomplished what they have lets and how the clubs stand united against the federation in which they feel that they need to get a bigger piece of the pie and say.

What could happen in the short term as FIFA assist in setting up a new FFA regime is the A-League could be an independent body from the FA, the hiring of Ange Postecoglou's replacement among others.

But lets compare the clubs and member federations with the clubs and state FAs in Malaysia. Would they go against the system for their own rights or wait for handouts from an amazing TV deal which is set to be one of the best in the world ?

No, they will wait for money from FAM and State government and finish it before the season ends so they can ask for more next season. If they get 20 million a year in 5 years that amounts to 100 million but the club will still be broke without any assets to show on the first day of the 6th year.

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