Stop comparing yourself to the Thais

I get this was a decision to be made.
I get that sometimes you have to crack the whip.
I get it.

But what I don't get is how this decision was weighed. Obviously, this was not something that popped up in the last minute, it has been brewing. This problem, the biggest of it's kind in the history of the game, was probably a decision made by the boss man to end the matter.

But boss man was not there, like he himself said, when the plan was introduced. However, someone very involved in it was and I believe, like all his other decisions, this is another embarrassing one.

So the Fighters, till press time, have not really pulled a big fuss over it, well hopefully not yet. In fact, they did as much as they could to get to 90 over percent. I get that it is not good enough when the passing mark was 100 percent. To punish for no show of audited accounts is actually a face-palm moment.

This is a club which is NOT state base. An actual football club. A bit about it's history - someone figured out another way to extract funds from the government's income column. The team was set up and fast it was named 'the money team' somewhat with a bottomless pit of funds. It's probably arguable as since 2007, FUFC has won more trophies than some teams if not equal to some who have been around for decades.

Then comes the almost 100 million artificial surface pitch with a decent scoreboard built in the middle of nowhere. That investment is obviously on the way to host inter-Felda tournament for years to come. Another waste of money is about to happen. I was sure having a purpose built stadium could have been a BIG tick for the license.

This is not a team who survived relegation, this is a team who finished third. You say that the two promoted teams are up on merit but you have completely gone back on your words when you relegated Felda on technicality. You, the enforcers on the new rule should have had a better plan to overcome this, knowing maybe sharing their running cost could be risky business.

But the best part is comparing how lenient you are compared to the Thais. The Thais would have dropped 2 divisions and we should be lucky we have you as CEO. The Thais were also in the final qualification round of the World Cup. Why aren't you comparing that? There are a few post around going about how a German, a Swiss and a few more clubs were relegated as well due to the 'modern football' problem. Are you comparing your football or the league management? If you going to compare the fine league management you have then at least the football outcome should be on par first, shouldn't it?

Now, another obvious one is killing the competition with taking out one of the best teams in the league. That just makes you look like a bully.

Thiago (in flight) slamming his face against a Felda player at Felda's stadium in Jengka
Look, business seemed to be as usual at Felda with signings but outgoing Perak's defender Thiago is probably regretting moving to Felda instead of to the team down the street, PKNP. If its a better pay package, then we know what is the solid defender's objective in life but in my experience players usually want to play in the bigger league as the first option but that's just my thoughts.

You had 3 years to figure this out and you failed. The club is collateral damage. It could have been Kedah or Perak but that could have been too political of a decision.

Season have not kicked off but already poor decisions.

Lets see when this becomes a precedent to another club wanting to move to down because of other reasons but instead fail to complete the license just so they look like a victim instead because you are not thinking ahead.

Jokes, bloody joke.

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